Disfigured Dead – Relentless (Review)

Disfigured DeadThis is the second full-length album from US Death Metal group Disfigured Dead. Boldly named Relentless – does it live up to its name? Pretty much, yes.

Blasting out of the speakers comes the Relentless, (ahem), statement of intent – no intro, no messing around; just straight up brutality and heaviness. As well as plenty of blastbeats we are treated to some punishing slower and more mid-paced segments that make the most of the good guitar sound that they have.

They also have some riffs. Everyone likes a good riff. They know how to write some very mosh-friendly sections and I can imagine them going down extremely well in the local pit.

The vocals are very accomplished – just the right side of cookie-monster vocals for the most part, with some nice vocalisations and patterns used. On the whole the vocals are satisfying and a definite asset to the band.

At its heart this is US-style brutal Death Metal, but they do introduce elements of complexity into the equation that help hold interest and keep you along for the, (brutal), ride.

If you haven’t already met your kill-quota for this month then invite Disfigured Dead to the party and watch those corpses rack up.

One thought on “Disfigured Dead – Relentless (Review)”

  1. Maybe I am alone in that feeling, but “Punishing Atonement” sounds boring… If I were twenty instead of almost twice as that, I would praise them for intensity and brutality. Hope their peers will come to their shows and buy music. We must have someone who will be holding Cannibal Corpse torch high 😉

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