Terrordome – We’ll Show You Bosch, Mitch! (Review)

TerrordomeComing from Poland, Terrordome play Crossover Thrash Metal heavy on the extremity and it’s really only one step removed from Old-School Grindcore really. Thrashgrind?

This is brutal stuff and although it has a heavy Thrash influence there is equal amounts of Punk/Hardcore/Crossover in the mix.

The album is surprisingly good; I say that simply because sometimes bands of this ilk can grate a little bit for me, but I like this. It’s raw, honest and musically lacks gimmicks.

They have an underground sound that’s effective and has an especially good drum presence; you can feel every single kick drum.

The vocals are punky and enjoyable, reminiscent of a Hardcore band.

This was an unexpected find and more enjoyable than I was expecting it to be. Result.