Sick of Stupidity – One Shot, One Kill (Review)

Sick of StupiditySick of Stupidity are a Grindcore band from The Netherlands. This is their d├ębut album.

Here we have some grinding powerviolence lasting all of 14 minutes over 11 tracks. It’s unhinged, it’s nasty, it’s good.

The songs go fast as we like them to, but also take the pressure off the accelerator occasionally to give the listener a mid-paced ear-bashing now and then. It’s mostly fast-paced though, and I’m fine with this as the guitars have a very satisfying tone and the riffs hit the spot nicely.

Glass-gargled screams and aggressive growls and thrown around like there’s an infinite supply of them, to the backdrop of musical destruction and fast-forwarded chaos.

As it doesn’t last long this doesn’t outstay its welcome and if anything it’s extremely easy to listen to again and again.