Set Before Us – Vitae (Review)

Set Before UsSet Before Us are a Swedish metalcore band and this is their debut album.

Following on from 2016’s enjoyable EP Enigmas, Vitae contains 11 tracks and 42 minutes of new material. Continue reading “Set Before Us – Vitae (Review)”

Set Before Us – Enigmas (Review)

Set Before UsThis is the second EP by Swedish metalcore band Set Before Us.

Boasting a nice, solid sound, Set Before Us burst out of the speakers with passion, aggression, and melody. They make a good impression.

Passion, aggression, and melody pretty much sum this release up in many ways. The music is upbeat and energetic metalcore, with plenty of heavy breakdowns and ubiquitous melodic leads. It’s infectious and quite enjoyable. Continue reading “Set Before Us – Enigmas (Review)”