Persecutory – Perversion Feeds Our Force (Review)

PersecutoryThis is the début EP from Turkish Black Metallers Persecutory.

This is ugly music for fans of Archgoat, Black Witchery, Von, Watchmaker and the like. Combining dirty, evil Black Metal with enough Blackened Thrash to give it extra bite, Persecutory waste no time in establishing themselves as true purveyors of darkened brutality and nastiness.

Sometimes Blackened Thrash leaves me a little cold, but this is more Blackened than Thrash and Persecutory deliver a very tasty noise that’s furious and aggressive.

The vocals are a combination of rabid screams and infectious growls, both serving to emphasise the cutting music.

Fast blackened melodies are included alongside some very tasty riffs. It seems that the band have quite a talent for making both riffs and melodies extremely satisfying, and these tracks certainly hit the spot because of it.

I like how these songs are written and that the band know how to inject pacing and energy into them, avoiding the one-dimensionality that can sometimes plague this kind of music.

An impressive first release. Here’s to the future!