Merkabah – Ubiquity (Review)

MerkabahMerkabah come from Canada and play Symphonic/Power Metal.

I must confess that upon seeing the words “female fronted” and “symphonic” in the description I immediately feared the worst and was expecting some form of Nightwish rip-off. This deplorable state of affairs is caused by the sheer abundance of such clones, so maybe you can forgive my cynicism. You should already be able to tell, however, that I was wrong, and happily so.

This is not a what I was expecting, as it’s far more of the Power Metal genre than the Symphonic/Gothic Metal one and as such it’s a very fresh, energising and downright exciting release!

I’ve stated previously that Freedom Call are one of my favourite Power Metal bands, and although Merkabah don’t sound especially like them, I get the same feelings of happiness and excitement off both bands.

This is life-affirming Metal, that deserves the capitalisation more than most.

Melodic Power Metal, with keyboard/Symphonic accompaniment and top drawer songwriting; this was never going to be anything other than a winner with me, notwithstanding my initial erroneous assumptions.

The singer has a fantastic voice that wipes the floor with most Power Metal vocalists. Her voice is a perfect combination of beauty and power.

The songs are on the longer side, especially the final title track which clocks in at 12:00. These lengths give the band ample room to explore their chosen musical territory and flex their creative muscles, expanding their horizons into more Progressive waters on occasion.¬†Red Letter Days is a great example of this, although at 5:44 it’s actually one of the shorter tracks.

The songwriting is immaculate and the album blazes¬†bright, burning away any false Metal daring to stand in its hallowed presence. I can’t recommend this enough.