Interview with Lay Down Rotten

Lay Down Rotten LogoIn Deathspell Catharsis Lay Down Rotten have released a monster of a Death Metal album that does the genre proud. With the precision of veterans and the passion of youth it’s time they answered some questions about how this came about.

For those unfamiliar with your band, introduce yourself!

Hello guys. My name is Jost and I am the vocalist of the Death Metal band Lay Down Rotten that was founded 15 years ago. Deathspell Catharsis is our 7th album to date!

What are your influences?

We have our roots in the Death Metal of the early 90s. Influences and inspirations were and are bands such as Death, Edge Of Sanity, At The Gates. But we have developed a lot since we started out and now we got our own style and sound. We see ourselves as an unique autonomous Death Metal act rather than a copy of a plagiation or trendbands which are very common nowadays.

What are you listening to at the moment that you want to recommend?

I constantly listen to Danzig´s Lucifuge at the moment. But also Woods of Ypres is one of my favourites at the moment. I cannot get enough of this band. Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light is a fantastic album and “Travelling Alone” is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. R.I.P. David Gold!!!!!!!

The songs on the album are longer than “standard”. Do you have any guidelines when writing songs?

Over the years we developed an instinct for laying down the right length of a song. We didn´t pay any attention to this aspect with the new record as everything suited us just fine. Even longer sounds do not sound boring. The dynamic and tempo changes make every song interesting and worthwhile listening to.

How did the lyrics come about?

Me and my brother Elmo (singer of the Pornrockband Kamikaze Kings) write the lyrics for Lay Down Rotten. We have been working for years together and wrote the lyrics for 5 albums so far. We wanted pure fucking Death Metal lyrics for this album as we love Death Metal… lyrics about zombies and human sacrifices included. The lyrics can be seen as a homage to our heroes and our view on some topics as well as an expression of our passion for Metal.

How did the recording progress? Any issues?

No problems at all. We worked with T-Low from the Desert Inn studios again because he knows who we are and what we need as he produced the last 6 albums. It is a perfect match and we are a dream team.

You’ve had many releases now, what keeps you motivated to keep playing Metal?

Lay Down Rotten BandMusic and first of all Metal of course. It´s the best thing in the world. What I love the most is being part of this band, to create music. The music that I love: Death Metal. We always look forward. We do not need motivation or anything. We do what we love and we never stop.

The album is very accomplished – are you happy with it or is there anything you’d change?

I feel like this album is a step further in the right direction. We accomplished a fine balance between brutality and melody. This is a fundamental we can count on.

I love the album cover. How important is the artwork to you?

Thanks! It represents the band and the content of a record to the outside world. The album cover is the first thing you notice even before you hear the first riff. Toshihiro Egawa did a great job again on doing this tremendous cover artwork for us. He and our guitarist Nils worked very hard to develop the concept and achieved outstanding results.

What’s next for Lay Down Rotten? What does 2014 bring?

We will support and promote the new record. We want to play as much open air’s, festivals and club shows as possible. We are planning right now and a tour with our heroes Massacre has been confirmed for May in Germany. Please check our Facebook page and website for further details.

Lay Down Rotten – Deathspell Catharsis (Review)

Lay Down RottenWhen you have an album cover this awesome the actual music doesn’t matter right? I jest of course but the fact remains that the album cover made me really look forward to listening to this.

So once we get past the album cover what have we got here then? This is the seventh album from Germany’s Lay Down Rotten and they present us with a very solid and competent slab of Death Metal that probably has more to offer than you might think.

Most of the songs are longer than typical Death Metal offerings giving the band the space to pursue all of their ideas to their natural conclusions and therefore delivering an album that is interesting and has some depth to it. There is brutality and hatred in abundance in these songs but there is also more than that. The songs are long and relatively involved, but thanks to the deft songwriting they retain attention and do not get boring.

After so many releases these butchers have refined their chosen method of slaughter and Deathspell Catharsis is surgical in its precision. There are no wasted movements or unnecessary padding, providing state-of-the-art modern Death Metal with a nice melodic bent. The recording is suitably huge as would be expected and shows the band in the best light.

Songs and ability; hatred and precision; harshness and style; Deathspell Catharsis should be experienced loud.