Epica – The Solace System (Review)

EpicaEpica are a symphonic metal band and this is their latest EP.

One of the things I like about Epica is that although they play Symphonic metal with luscious female vocals, early on in their career they managed to carve out their own path and identity in this well-worn genre. Continue reading “Epica – The Solace System (Review)”

Scardust – Sands of Time (Review)

ScardustScardust are a symphonic metal band from Israel and this is their debut album.

Scardust play sumptuous symphonic metal with some progressive elements added in to enhance proceedings.

Usually I find a lot of this kind of thing very generic and I usually lose interest quickly, but bloody Hell Scardust are an exception to this. Sands of Time is a very professional, accomplished, and well-realised release, with both catchy appeal and memorable depth. Continue reading “Scardust – Sands of Time (Review)”

Epica – The Holographic Principle (Review)

EpicaEpica are a symphonic metal band from the Netherlands and this is their eighth album.

Epica are famous for their epic, (ahem), symphonic sound, all larger-than-life melodies, ostentatious orchestration and luscious, enticing vocals. And it works. They’ve made a career out of it and currently sit as one of the biggest bands in the style. Continue reading “Epica – The Holographic Principle (Review)”