Bustum – Demonolosophy (Review)

BustumBustum are a Croatian Black Metal band and this is their début album.

Bustum play their Black Metal raw and traditional, fuelled by the second wave and filled with Satanic might.

The vocals are harsh shrieks, performed in the classic style. The singer also uses deeper growls here and there, which is less expected and a welcome addition to the general violence and misanthropy on Demonolosophy.

The songs slice, cut and lacerate with frozen blades and seething malevolence. Dark, blackened melodies seem to writhe just below the surface and add depth to the band’s musical endeavours.

The songs are simple, underground hymns to dark forces that carry themselves well and provide for a quite enjoyable 33 minutes. It’s a well-written album and included in these tracks are some nice riffs with enough sections that show they’re capable of more than just hate-filled speed; they display a good grasp of pacing and compositional structure on these songs too.

I enjoyed this. If you like Black Metal then I’m sure you will too. Check it out.