The Enigma Division – The Enigma Division (Review)

The Enigma Division - The Enigma DivisionThe Enigma Division are a progressive metal band from Ireland and this is their debut album.

Brought to us by ex-members of Xerath, The Enigma Division is a 65-minute epic of progressive metal.

The Enigma Division’s music is a synth-drenched mix of progressive/technical metal/rock, with a firm djent influence thrown in for good measure. It’s very atmospheric, and benefits from a cinematic vision that lends the album the feel of a sci-fi soundtrack of sorts. This is then grounded by heavy riffs that still speak of futuristic landscapes, but the grittier, underworld that accompanies the more cosmic spacefaring parts. The Enigma Division have essentially taken what they learned with Xerath, and applied it to an even more progressive version of the style that takes influences from the 70s and 80s right up to the modern day.

Simplistically, the songs are progressive journeys that combine heavy riffs with layered synths. Of course, this barely does the content here justice, but you get the general idea. The music is well-composed and structured, with the guitars and bass forming the main shape of the songs, while the drums power them and the synths drip with sci-fi presence and atmosphere. Technical wizardry abounds, and there are frequent jaw-dropping guitar solos, and even some impressive keyboard ones.

Each track tells a story of its own that then feeds into the whole. Guest appearances add flavour across the album, (including from ex-members of Xerath and Dream Theatre), enriching the core band members’ delivery.

The lead vocals are strong and expressive. Primarily clean and well-performed, they’re occasionally supported by harsh vocals, although these appear infrequently.

The Enigma Division is an accomplished and enjoyable progressive metal album. If you’re a fan of djent and synth-lead atmosphere that takes influence from old and new, then don’t miss out on this.

Highly recommended.


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