Battle Beast – Circus of Doom (Review)

Battle Beast - Circus of DoomThis is the sixth album from Finnish heavy/power metallers Battle Beast.

Battle Beast play a symphonic mix of heavy and power metal, and they do so with skill and character. I haven’t caught up with Battle Beast since 2017’s enjoyable Bringer of Pain, so Circus of Doom seemed a good time to check in with their brand of stadium metal once more.

Sometimes you really just want some feel-good, light-hearted, hard rocking, fun heavy metal. For times like that, you have bands like Battle Beast, who are very accomplished at producing exactly this.

The songs are well-written and filled with catchy moments. The melodies are very moreish, and the symphonic elements designed to capture attention. Everything from the guitar solos to the groovy riffs, to the grandiose choirs to the pounding beats, is impeccably-crafted and delivered by professionals. The 80s feel that the songs have doesn’t sound forced or contrived, and instead just speaks of memorable songs and well-crafted hooks.

The music is infectious and these tracks stick in the mind far too easily; before you know it you’re humming them as you go about your daily business. Honestly, Circus of Doom is just…fun. It’s easy to listen to, gets you moving, gets the blood pumping, and offers many opportunities to sing along as the singer belts out catchy chorus after catchy chorus with her powerful voice.

I don’t have a bad word to say about Circus of Doom. As I said above, it’s just a fun album. Now, excuse me as I go and find a windswept mountain to sing along to this from the top of…

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