Battle Beast – Bringer of Pain (Review)

Battle BeastThis is the fourth album from Finnish heavy/power metallers Battle Beast.

Well, this is unexpected. I assumed, for some reason, that upon pressing play I was going to be listening to the latest Nightwish clone. I was wrong. Battle Beast are a different proposition, one which is extremely special too.

There’s a definite 80s feel to this that the modern production can’t hide. This helps to lend the music a vibrant energy and, dare I say it, joyous, fun feeling that’s absent from most music in 2017, even most power metal.

The songs are catchy and infectious, ridiculously so really. I have a real soft spot for this kind of over the top power metal, and Battle Beast do it so well that it’s shocking and upsetting that this is my first experience of their explosive style.

If you ever wondered what would happen if you crossed European power metal, Judas Priest and 80s rock, then wonder no longer.

Their singer is incredibly impressive. Hitting highs and lows with ease, her voice is completely capable of pulling off anything that’s asked of it, and her performance is top-notch. She may have just become one of my favourite power metal singers, in fact.

Although the keyboard enhancements on Bringer of Pain are an integral part of its sound, they don’t overpower it at all. They play their role like everything else does here, and they play it well. Although their singer’s powerful voice dominates proceedings, it’s never so overpowering that the music plays second fiddle. Battle Beast are a full band with all instruments contributing to this insanely enjoyable music.

A bright, punchy sound rounds off the experience. There’s not much more I can say about this album other than to just shout loudly about how damn good it is. This release feels like a full, complete album; by that I mean it has all of the constituent parts you would expect from something of this nature, all slotted into place, well-oiled and ready to rock. At around 40 minutes long the album is the perfect length to digest and enjoy without outstaying its welcome.

Battle Beast absolutely rule.

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