Horrific Demise – Excruciating Extermination (Review)

Horrific Demise - Excruciating ExterminationThis is the debut album from Horrific Demise, a death metal band from the US.

Made by experienced hands, (current and ex-members of Lividity, Gorgasm, Sarcophagy, Necrotic Disgorgement, and others), that clearly love their work, Excruciating Extermination contains 31 minutes of brutal death metal.

Recalling bands from the 90s era, this is old-school brutality with no-frills riffs, solos, and songs. This really does make me feel like it’s a couple of decades ago, even down to the production in some ways. I’m sure that there are people who will dismiss Horrific Demise due to this, but it’s their loss, as Excruciating Extermination is a thoroughly enjoyable trip down memory lane.

On first glance this may be standard stuff for this sort of thing, but what sets Horrific Demise apart from similar bands are the quality levels – the band know how to write a good deathly tune. Yes, the band’s songwriting shines on these tracks, although the performances are all strong too. There’s nothing fancy here, just solid, enjoyable, ripping death metal. This is brutality as it was meant to be, born from riffing savagery, guttural growls, and aggressive song structures.

By the end of the album you’re left satisfied and brutalised. Short, brutal, and effective, Excruciating Extermination is the type of solid slab of bloodthirstiness that should grace every death metal collection.

Highly recommended.

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