Rabitrup – SWVMPS II (Review)

RabitrupRabitrup is an electronic/industrial metal one man project from the US and this is his latest EP.

This is 20 minutes of horrorscapes and harsh industrial sounds. This is not done in an inaccessible way, however, and the music on SWVMPS II has just the right amount of twisted melody and compositional sense to make for songs that you want to listen to over again, despite the nasty vibes emanating off them in dark, pulsating waves.

This is music to punish yourself to. If you’ve been bad then listen to this to purge yourself clean; no matter how bad you’ve been, you haven’t even come close to the inhuman malevolence of Rabitrup. Syncopated rhythms, mutated melodies, cannibalised instruments, and playfully evil sounds make for songs that are surprisingly more-ish; this is something that you can easily slip on once more after it has faded. And you should too, as what’s here is delightfully atmospheric in a cult cinematic way.

Some of the material on this release sounds like what would happen if you took bright, beautiful, uplifting music and electronically warped and corrupted it into something much more sinister. But, and this is part of the key element of what makes this music so compelling, there’s still enough of these original base elements to give the final product on SWVMPS II a gleeful, joyful edge; like a serial killer playing with the blood of his victims with a huge smile plastered on his face. This is the sound of Rabitrup.

The last track is stylistically a bit different from the first two – less rhythmic, more noise-oriented, darker – but still carries the Rabitrup ethos in its malignant bones.

This is a very impressive release. I can’t wait to hear more.

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