God Syndrome – Controverse (Review)

God SyndromeGod Syndrome are a death metal band from Russia. This is their debut album.

Combining elements of bands like Hypocrisy and Decapitated, this is fast, melodic and nicely aggressive.

I enjoy melodic death metal that emphasises the death metal side of the equation, and God Syndrome certainly do this.

The tracks have a lot of power and force, trampling the listener with energetic aggression and then cutting them up with lethal melodies. In truth, the melodies and aggression are entwined quite deeply, forming the bulk of the mixed material here. There are plenty of decent mid-paced riffs thrown around too, as well as lots of faster sections driven by blast beats.

The music is played with flair and passion, with the band acknowledging their influences and doing their best to transcend them to create enjoyable death metal tracks.

The singer has a hearty roar that bridges the gap between guttural growls and shouted screams; somewhere in the middle of the two his voice lies.

The recording is a strong one, with the right kind of production to benefit this kind of style.

God Syndrome have produced a satisfying album of fast, aggressive melodic death metal. Check it out.

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