Woest – La Fin de L’ère Sauvage (Review)

WoestWoest are an industrial black metal band from France and this is their debut release.

Woest play some of the filthiest, blackest, malignant music you’ve probably heard in a while.

With a black metal underpinning, the band mutate this with industrial and doom influences, creating the hideously twisted mass of noise and evil that you can hear on La Fin de L’ère Sauvage.

Bleak atmospheres are present throughout, as the band create urbanised occult sounds, replete with chanting and dark Gothic vibes. The songs are layered and full of interesting content, seemingly ripped into reality by the band’s creative force. Woest are clearly a talented bunch.

While I like the songs themselves very much, the main issue I have here is with the production, unfortunately. Although functional, I feel it robs the music of the full power and effect it might otherwise have. I feel that the various layers to Woest’s sound could do with some better integration and balancing. This is more apparent on some songs than others though, and, as always, depends on your perspective.

It should be noted that La Fin de L’ère Sauvage is actually the band’s debut demo. As such, these minor sound issues are to be expected. Normally I wouldn’t even point it out, but as the material is of exceptional quality, I feel it’s worth mentioning.

However, even with some recording issues, you can still feel the potential on this release, and when everything does come together appropriately, it’s very enjoyable. I feel Woest could become quite a force to be reckoned with, as the actual songs on La Fin de L’ère Sauvage are well-written and full of grim beauty.

As it stands at the moment, Woest have produced an demo that’s enjoyable enough in its own right, but hints at even better things to come.

Ones to watch.

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