Winter Deluge – Devolution-Decay (Review)

Winter DelugeThis is the second album from this New Zealand black metal band.

Winter Deluge play malevolent black metal that takes its cues from the second wave.

With enough blackened distortion, blasting hatred and icy grooves to invigorate even the darkest of hearts, Devolution-Decay is over 45 minutes of frosted malevolence.

Winter Deluge know their art well, and the songs on Devolution-Decay manifest this knowledge as nine hymns of dark misanthropy.

Melody is uncommon, but used well when it does appear. The pitch-black guitars create grim sounds with ease, and there are some very good riffs tactically deployed across the songs.

A sandblasted-raw sound complements the material well, with everything having a satisfyingly bleak and gritty lustre that sounds really good.

The blackened vocals are vicious and corrupt screams, varying in delivery depending on how filled with bile and loathing the singer feels at any given time.

The orthodox style may bring nothing new to the table, but that’s very much not the point. This is an exercise in producing black metal that’s cold, malignant and howls with the pain of a million damned souls. And very enjoyable it is too. In fact, the more I listen to this, the more I like it.

Well, Devolution-Decay ticks all of the right boxes for a quality orthodox black metal release for me. With a power born from an authentic atavistic wellspring, Winter Deluge have crafted an album of very satisfying black metal.

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