Tenebrositas – Alone in the Frozen Wastelands (Review)

TenebrositasTenebrositas is a one-man black metal project from Croatia. This is his latest demo.

I really liked 2015’s Forever Nothing, which was a raw 34 minutes of Norwegian black metal worship that really hit the spot for me.

On this latest release we get 13 minutes of frosted, grim black metal. This is divided across two songs of the aforementioned blackened hatred, followed by one final track of dark ambient music that forms an outro for the short release.

If underground mid-90s black metal worship is something you’re a fan of, then this artist is one of the best. There’s a real feeling of authenticity and passion to the material, and this includes everything from the writing, to the recording, to the raw, screamed vocals.

Even more important though are the actual songs, which are high quality exemplars of the early blackened style.

Desolate melodies and dark distortion carpet the songs like the aftermath of a storm of frostblades, leaving cold scars across their faces.  The music is typically either blizzard-fast or a mid-paced blackened groove, and I like both equally. The title track is probably the slower of the two overall, with the latter section getting quite slow and bleak, before picking up to a melodic ending.

The final track is a synth-driven mood piece that I really quite like. It’s long enough to make an impression, but short enough to not become boring or too dragged out.

Once again Tenebrositas’ music has impressed. Cold, frosted, evil, orthodox black metal. What’s not to like?


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