Cerberus Unchained – Di Inferi (Review)

Cerberus UnchainedCerberus Unchained are a melodic death metal band from the UK. This is their debut EP.

After their early promise, it’s time to see if Cerberus Unchained have lived up to their potential on this new, 26 minute EP.

(Spoiler: They have).

The EP boasts a strong, beefy recording that sees the band immediately stake claim to the airwaves with their confident sound and professional demeanour.

The songs are a great mixture of the melodic and the brutal, balancing the two sides of their collective personality well. Imagine a mix of Carcass, Vehemence and Amon Amarth, perhaps, for an idea of the kind of field they play in.

You can’t fault their playing on this – they know what they’re doing and there’s lots to enjoy. Catchy riffs, leads and solos are all well represented in the songs and the level of songwriting is well above what you’d expect from such a new band. With some good ideas and nice touches included here too, I think it bodes well for their future material that they’re already clearly ambitious.

Both the screams and the growls on this release are to be commended for how well they’re performed and how satisfying they are to listen to. The singer works well with the melodic brutality to create plenty of hooks and memorable moments.

One of the things that originally struck me about this band was their great combination of accessibility and extremity. I think that they strike a great balance between the two on this EP. This is proper melodic death metal, make no mistake.

As up-and-coming bands go, Cerberus Unchained are definitely one of the best in the UK at the moment as far as I’m concerned. You’ve gotta check this out and support them.

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