Fleshgore – Denial of the Scriptures (Review)

FleshgoreThis is the fifth album from this Ukrainian Death Metal band.

Here we have 39 minutes of brutal Death Metal in the USDM style, influenced by the likes of Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Severe Torture, etc.

This is a release that has a satisfying and dense sound, crushing and maiming all around it. The band can play too, and are given ample opportunity to show off what they can do.

The vocals on this release are just the right side of pignoise, so that the singer still has power to his voice rather than just sounding like he’s got a bad case of the burps. He sounds on top form.

The songs are ultra-brutal exemplars of the style and unless you’re just not a fan of this kind of stuff then it’s hard to find fault with their delivery. With decent riffs and good structuring, the tracks on Denial of the Scriptures make for an enjoyable listen and this timeless form of Death Metal is easy to get on board with.

Blast beats are accentuated by mid-paced aggression and even small hints of barbaric melody here and there; these are few and far between though, added to some of the riffs on occasion to sharpen them up to a killing point.

This is a solid and gratifying Death Metal release from a band that have honed their craft over time. Denial of Scriptures has had the excess fat mercilessly chewed off so all that is left is a lean, mean killing machine.

Recommended for all fans of brutality.

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