Omnihility – Dominion of Misery (Review)

OmnihilityThis is the third album from US Technical Death Metal band Omnihility.

Their second album Deathscapes of the Subconscious stuck out in my mind for it’s complex blend of technicality and brutality, and this newest release follows the same path.

After an extremely atmospheric intro track that does absolutely nothing to prepare you for the coming onslaught, (although it is pretty damn good), Omnihility start as they mean to go on with ultra-technical Death Metal that doesn’t slack in the brutality department at all.

These songs are complex and punishing, pushing the extremes of the style to the limit, all the time demonstrating virtuoso playing and a keen eye for intelligent butchery.

The blast beats and double bass are physical enough to knock you down while the guitars attempt to play ALL OF THE NOTES AT THE SAME TIME. It’s a testament to the band’s ability that it’s not just one horrendous mess; instead we get well-thought out Technical Death Metal that hits all of the right spots.

Of course, once you get past my exaggerations in the previous paragraph, (only a bit…), Omnihility aren’t quite as insanely chaotic as some bands that play this style. The core brutality of the band keeps things from going too off the rails and there are enough simpler, heavier, groovier riffs plugged into the chaos here and there to make for songs that stay focused on the task at hand – ripping your face off.

Similar to the intro, there’s a break for the listener to catch their breath mid-album, with the track Within Shadows, which once again showcases the band’s atmospheric side.

The singer’s gruff, guttural growl continues to bounce like reflected lightning off the supersonic riffs, barking out from the music at a high speed. His is a very satisfying growl and one that allows the listener a constant focal point amidst the changing tides of rampant guitars and light speed drumming.

Phew. After 42 minutes off this you’ll need a sit down and a stiff drink.

Highly recommended.

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