Sacrilegious Impalement – First Three Nails (Review)

Sacrilegious ImpalementSacrilegious Impalement are a Black Metal band from Finland.

This latest album collects together their three first releases – their début demo and two early EPs; Sacrilegious Impalement and World in Ashes.

The fact that their main songwriter is named Impaler Von Bastard means you know, or at least hope, this is gonna be class.

And it is.

With that in mind, this is raw and blasphemous Black Metal that takes the base skeleton of the genre and runs with it, faithfully recreating the core of the pure Black Metal style.

It’s a relentless assault that’s cold and frosted to the touch. This is Black Metal that lacks subtlety, mercy or any redeeming virtues. These songs drip with grimness and bile, as is their birthright. It exists to be pure fucking Black Metal and that is all.

The production is decent despite the raw nature of the music, and everything is audible and where it needs to be. It’s not an overly polished sound though, and the requisite underground feel is intact.

Even though this release features three releases a few years apart it still sounds coherent and consistent throughout, despite the slight variations in recording and writing.

For a fix of true Black Metal played proficiency and verve, Sacrilegious Impalement hit the spot.

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