Vorage – Vorage (Review)

VorageThis is the début release from UK Death Metal band Vorage.

This is dense Death Metal that’s akin to a churning maelstrom of distortion and abyss-like darkness.

Vorage can be compared to similar bands such as Portal, Mitochondrion and Ævangelist; they specialise in creating nightmare soundscapes in which horrors come to life. Mix this with a Morbid Angel influence and you have a band that means business.

Vorage are dirty, murky and impenetrably evil. The music sounds like it has been dredged up from the darkest, dankest pit in order to savage Death Metal’s soul, corrupting it to its malevolent will.

There’s only three songs on this release, but it’s still 20 minutes of music that will be too off-putting for most to stomach, but if you can hack it then it’s a grime-ridden gem of a release.

There are a few tasty riffs here, hidden beneath the swirling gloom, but it’s mostly about the atmosphere and things that lurk in the fog. Obscure melodies occasionally add sick, warped light to the cacophony, only to disappear again shortly after being birthed.

The vocals are indecipherable guttural incantations, bereft of humanity and rich with malice. It’s all very enjoyable, as far as these things can be enjoyed, of course.

A very promising release from a band who know how to weave terror into the fabric of their Death Metal assault. Recommended.

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