Regicide – Fall of an Empire (Review)

RegicideRegicide are from the US and this is their début album. They play Thrash Metal.

This is Thrash Metal mixed with a bit of New Wave of American Heavy Metal, resulting in energetic Thrash that’s largely Old-School but has a touch of modernity to it to give a little bit of an edge.

The songs are simple Thrashers played with a clear passion for the genre. The band recreate the old feelings with ease and this could easily be an album that has simply been lost to the mists of time and recently uncovered.

The songs are well-written and are obviously a labour of love for the band. They work well and have a youthful vigour to them, speaking of earlier Metal times and simpler Metal pleasures.

The singer’s voice is halfway between clean and gruff, sometimes changing between the two types and sometimes occupying the middle ground.

The recording is earthy and a bit muted, but it gets across the message of the band. I can’t help but feel it would have benefited from a stronger sound to give it more presence and forceful impact though, as sometimes it seems as if the songs are being smothered by the production.

Sound issues notwithstanding, this is a good album that has a lot to offer Thrash Metal fans.

Have a listen.

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