Mangel – Mangel (Review)

MangelMangel are from Germany and play Melodic Black Metal.

After a nice piano intro the blasting starts and we’re into wind-swept, frosty Black Metal territory. Dark melodies and Blackened riffs abound.

The band create their grim atmospheres well and some of the riffs and moods are inspired.

This may be Melodic Black Metal but don’t make the mistake of thinking this is the overly-polished commercial variety. This is underground Black Metal with quality guitar playing and lots of lead work.

The vocals are sharp and sound as if they’re forged from pure evil. They work in conjunction with the music to spawn fertile breeding grounds for hordes of Black Metal Hellspawn to fester and lurk.

These are quality songs that have good structure, pacing and dynamics. They do the job they set out to do and this is a remarkably enjoyable listen.

At only 16 minutes in length this is a relatively brief introduction to the band, but to my ears Mangel could become a force to be reckoned with in this particular sub-genre.

Have a listen and decide for yourself. Me? I’ll be listening to this again quite a bit, as well as eagerly awaiting a début album from them.

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