Black Sachbak – No Pay No Gain (Review)

Black SachbakBlack Sachbak are a Thrash Metal band from Israel and this is their début album.

This is Crossover Thrash with an Old-School vibe and some furious riffing based on early Metallica.

The album boasts a good recording and the sound the band have is spot on for this kind of thing.

The band can obviously play, with the music being executed perfectly and the solos dispensed at lightning speed.

The singer has quite a versatile voice and is certainly full of character and personality.

Whether you enjoy this or not depends on your tolerance level for this particular sub-genre of Metal I suppose. Personally I’m not the hugest fan of the retro/crossover/humour/party/whatever Thrash as I appear to have had my fill of the style. Having said that though, Blach Sachbak do this at least as good as some and better than most.

Give them a listen and see what you think.

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