Weltschmerz – Odium Humani Generis (Review)

WeltschmerzWeltschmerz are from the Netherlands and this is their début album. They play Black Metal.

Weltschmerz play harsh, angry Black Metal that’s fuelled by bile and rage. Blasting chaos and rhythmic pulsing darkness assault the senses as the band do their utmost to deafen and corrupt.

The band are not without nuance though; they also know how to pen riffs that cater to the depressive and the more subtle and considered. For the most part though they’re decidedly unmoved by anything remotely weak and their style reflects this.

Odium Humani Generis harkens back to the 90’s and their Black Metal makes me feel nostalgic for the past and pride in the present at the same time. This style should never be allowed to die and Weltschmerz carry on the tradition with fortitude and bluster.

The distortion and blast beats, the Blackened melodies and venomous vocals; this is real Black Metal.

The recording is typical of the era and is authentic and as welcoming as a blizzard. It suits the album down to the ground and provides a firm basis for the band to carve out their Blackened home.

Weltschmerz have crafted a thoroughly enjoyable Black Metal album. Give them a listen.

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