Breakdust – Baleful World (Review)

BreakdustBreakdust are from France and this is their second album.

Breakdust play Thrash Metal that’s aggressive and heavy. Their style is influenced by Classic Thrash but delivered in a modern style.

The band manage to mix the old and the new together quite well, with some songs being straight ahead Thrashers, and others having some different influences, (splashes of Death Metal hints here and there, for example).

They incorporate a fair few different ideas and feelings into this release, usually quite small things amongst the Thrashings but they all make a difference. Keyboard effects and female vocals, for example.

For a basic idea think a combination of Testament and Sepultura which the band then add to to make it their own.

Vocally the singer mainly uses harsh mechanistic shouts, but variety is added to this with deeper growls and some cleaner vocals.

The music is of the heavier variety with plenty of double bass, crushing riffs and even some blast beats making an appearance.

It’s clear that the band can play well and there are some nice technical passages and good solos floating around.

This is a comprehensive album that’s been impressively put together by a coherent vision of what they want to achieve.

A very worthwhile listen – check them out.

Favourite Track: Mother Will Kill Us All. A proper Thrash Metal epic.

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