Jesus Crøst – 1986 (Review)

Jesus CrostJesus Crøst are from the Netherlands and play Grindcore.

This is 22 songs in 15 minutes, so yes; here we have Grindcore of the short, violent variety.

There appears to be some form of football theme going on, which is not something that even vaguely interests me so I have no idea what that’s all about.

The music is nicely savage and scathing, with short bouts of violence and mayhem. There are some good riffs and even some catchy moments on some of the songs, (Horst Hrubesch for example).

The vocals switch between pignoise grunts and serrated screams and sound very nice indeed. Coupled with the fierce music it really promotes a vicious image.

The music has a good, strong production and sounds heavy and professional.

I have enjoyed this way more than I was expecting to, (put off by the football thing and cover), but if you ignore all of that then musically this is top-quality Grindcore.

Check them out.

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