Ass to Mouth – Degenerate (Review)

Ass to MouthThis is the second album from Polish Grinders Ass to Mouth.

Just under 31 minutes, 20 songs; you know it’s not going to be pretty. But do we want it any other way? Certainly not.

It’s immediately unsubtle and makes its mission statement known within seconds of the first track.

Angry shouts and sickening screams are spewed forth like vomit, backed up with some good old pignoise for good effect in the background. The vocals are relatively versatile for this kind of release and you certainly can’t accuse them of being monotonous.

The music is Grindcore of the crusty and blastbeat-fueled variety. The songs are short, tight and dirty. Punked up and furiously brutal, they lay waste to their instruments and sound pretty much exactly like I expected them to sound with a name like Ass to Mouth.

Some of the tracks have a good Metallic Hardcore groove to them, adding a different facet to the band which makes the album better than it would be if it was just a one-dimensional blastfest.

This might not be anything new but originality is overrated, sometimes you just need to GRIND!

Also, One Shot Too Far has a cowbell in it. So there.

A solid album that doesn’t outstay its welcome and is a perfectly adequate soundtrack to the crushing of pigeons. Or something.

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