Omnihility – Deathscapes of the Subconscious (Review)

OmnihilityOmnihility are from the US and this is their second album of Technical Death Metal.

A top quality album cover is backed up by an album capable of living up to its promise.

Winding, cavernous Death Metal unfolds at speed to create a tangled network of technical riffs, deep growls and intense drumming.

The brutality is firmly in attendance but the technical side of the band makes for sprawling, exploratory songs that expand the potential of the band and draw the listener in.

The riffs are plentiful and abundant, with many flavours to taste. The songs seem to be fashioned from complex weaving of the guitar, threaded through with highly competent drumming and seasoned with a vocalist who has just the right amount of guttural brutality in his voice.

I really enjoyed this album; the Technical meanderings and guitar wanderings combined with the fact that the band simultaneously keep an eye on the overall song structure of each track means that they capably merge impressive playing with actual songs.

This is the kind of album it takes a while to fully absorb and appreciate. So sit back, play loud, and brace yourself for the journey.

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