Silence the Father – Memories of Dying (Review)

Silence the FatherNext up we have Silence the Father, who are form the US and play Doom.

I do like a bit of drum-and-bass Doom, especially when done well. A lot of bands who play this style tend to be instrumental, but Silence the Father not only have vocals but very good ones too. High-pitched cleans that are as sharp as the dangerous-sounding bass. They sail over the music and provide colour to its relentless grey shadings.

The drums are organic and have a very free feeling as they explore rolls, fills and slow-beatings under the watchful eyes of the omnipresent and oppressive bass.

The bass is the star of the show in many ways. Even though the vocals are usually the central focus and even here have the talent to pull this off, for me the bass is where it’s at on Memories of Dying. It’s a constant presence, a familiar and oppressively bleak aura of heaviness and lurking threat. It runs through the centre of the songs while the drums do their thing underneath the thick strumming and the vocals soar high above everything.

This is stripped down, lean Doom that’s ready for action. It just so happens that the action is slow, but that doesn’t dull the adrenaline rush from hearing such a great collection of Doom tracks. Well written, played and executed; for a début release this is especially notable.

This is Grade A DOOOOM! It’s as impressive as it is enjoyable and there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t get your grimy paws on this.

Fans of everything slow and heavy – here is your new favourite band.


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