Pillory – Evolutionary Miscarriage (Review)

PilloryThis is the second album by US band Pillory who play Brutal Technical Death Metal.

Fast, intricate and brutal; welcome to the world of Pillory. It’s a colourful world populated by an over-abundance of riffs and ideas, with spikes of melody and angular guitar heroics rushing to save the day.

The vocals are mainly gruff shouts but are varied in places with the singer showing he’s capable of more than just straight bellowing into the microphone.

The songs are busy entities with a lot being crammed into every second. If this was all the band did it would be impressive enough, but what’s really impressive is their ability to show restraint when needed. Sometimes you don’t need a million separate things happening at once; sometimes less is more and Pillory seem to know this as they also have entire sections in their songs where they allow a riff or idea to stabilise and develop for a little while before it once again mutates and goes off in a hundred new directions.

For this reason Evolutionary Miscarriage scores higher than a lot of Technical Death Metal as there’s more to it than just insane time signature changes or deranged guitar wizardry; yes they have giant bucketfuls of both but they also know about pacing and dynamics, which are far more important when it comes to longevity and depth of composition.

If you’re a fan of non-standard Death Metal then this is a creative and exploratory album that should suit you well.

3 thoughts on “Pillory – Evolutionary Miscarriage (Review)”

  1. Right on man, most people can’t comprehend this album, glad to see someone can digest it and not be overwhelmed but really understand it. Great Review.

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