Kaoskult – Secret Serpent (Review)

KaoskultThis is the first album by Polish Black Metallers Kaoskult.

The band play occult-influenced Black Metal steeped in the raw stuff of other worlds.

The vocals are primal and operate almost as a form of chanting over the slashing guitars. Utterly evil and devoted to darkness, they’re mainly deeper than a lot of Black Metal bands get away with. They also experiment with some subtle clean vocals that seem to swim under the knife-like guitars and these work well.

The guitars rip and slice their way through the 39 minutes of offerings and know when to slow down as the ritual demands rather than being full-on all of the time.

Certain tracks lock nicely into a satisfying mid-paced groove for parts of the song. When the faster sections arrive they are no less gratifying however. We also get treated to some chuggy, almost-Thrashy riffs on occassion. Eternal Threat, for example, has all of these within its 6:10 playing time.

The black melodies infect the brain and there are some choice riffs on these songs.

A quality album full of spite and bile.

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