Hangatyr – Elemente (Review)

HangatyrHangatyr are from Germany and play Black Metal rich in melody.

Appearing out of the mist like a creature from some long-forgotten Germanic myth; Hangatyr prowl and stalk their prey with a surety born of ancient times.

This is cold Black Metal; born of the frigid wastelands and honed in frozen storms. Each song drags you deeper into the world of frost and ice, struggling for air as your lungs fill with needles of pure winter.

This is an extremely well-written album that reminds of the masters of the genre while simultaneously sounding as fresh as if it was straight out of the frozen tomb. The guitars may be chilled but they describe a rich tapestry of texture and ancestry. Hangatyr are clearly aware of and living up to their Black Metal heritage.

The vocals are watery shrieks, as if they have newly thawed and are breaking into the light for the first time in millennia.

The sound is great, the mood is great, the songs are great, it’s just a great album. A wind-scarred revelation.

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