Toxoid – Aurora Satanae (Review)

ToxoidToxoid are from India and this is their début album. They play Black Metal.

The frigid Black Metal winds are strong with this one. Upon pressing play you’re almost immediately hit with a wall of ice at hurricane strength. Toxoid have arrived.

This is a band who have nailed their Blackened sound down completely and have tailored their recording to suit. This screams out from the classic Black Metal template and has the warped, spiky riffs to prove it.

Over six songs lasting just under half an hour, Toxoid demonstrate their infernal art and it’s a grim pleasure to let it wash over you and seep into your pores. This kind of Black Metal will never go out of style and Toxoid worship the dark gods as well as any devotee.

The shrieking vocals are delivered at perfect temperature and the riffs are sharp enough to draw blood. I love their Blackened melodies; they’re like colossal sheets of ice infused with iron scraping across each other in the night.

This is true Norwegian darkness in everything other than geography. These are anthems to hate and malice writ black.

This is not innovative or new; there’s no experimentation or fanciness here. This is Raw Black Metal and it does its job perfectly.