Shrine of the Serpent – Shrine of the Serpent (Review)

Shrine of the SerpentThis is the début release by US Doom band Shrine of the Serpent.

Heavy, slow, filthy, nasty. These and other words like this. Shrine of the Serpent are a like a crawling, slithering, Leviathan-like monster, relentlessly advancing over the bones of its enemies.

Dirty great Sludge riffs are physically restrained and forced to do the bidding of Doom’s unholy work.

The stench of the occult is strong and this is a release not to be approached lightly. In fact, there’s nothing light about Shrine of the Serpent at all.

This evil brand of Doom Sludge also takes aspects of Death Metal and Black Metal into its dark, foetid embrace and bends them to its will.

The songs are top quality exemplars of Doom’s overwhelming ability to suck additional styles into its orbit like a black hole, forging them into its core identity and resulting in something different each time. Here, it’s the darkest of Doom.

A mandatory listen.