Tidal Wave – The Lord Knows (Review)

Tidal Wave - The Lord KnowsThis is the second album from Swedish stoner rockers Tidal Wave.

Tidal Wave play a mix of stoner and heavy rock, and on The Lord Knows they provide the listener with 41 minutes of infectious tunes.

Tidal Wave worship The Riff, and these songs are packed with the sort of fuzzy riffs that instantly grab you. In a way these songs only exist to provide a vehicle for these riffs to joyride around the place in, although to be fair to the band, The Lord Knows does deliver songs that are more than just collections of riffs.

The music is as colourful as the album art, and is warm and welcoming. The riffs are plentiful and never-ending, (have I mentioned the riffs yet….? Sorry; The Riffs), but these are structured and ordered into well-written songs overall. The singer can sing, which is always a good start, and he has a charismatic voice. Also, there are some killer solos on this record.

Anthemic and moreish, with more than enough hooks and memorable moments to satisfy, The Lord Knows is a fun rock album that regularly hits the mark.

Recommended for fans of stoner rock everywhere.

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