Scitalis – Awakening (Review)

Scitalis - AwakeningThis is the debut EP from Swedish black metallers Scitalis.

Scitalis display a controlled aggression and boast a potent melodic streak. This EP is 29 minutes long and is a great opportunity to experience the spirit and talent of a promising new band’s first creation.

The music is raw and hostile, but not without finesse or a sense of refinement. It’s cold and venomous, but doesn’t lack dynamic vigour and doesn’t sound stale or done-to-death. A variety of paces and moods are explored across the six tracks, all of them dark and infused with frosted menace. Well-written, there is plenty for the listener to grasp hold of as they travel to the domain of Scitalis and navigate their icy kingdom.

Around the core of scathing black metal that exists at the heart of Scitalis is a framework of melodic atmosphere and mood-building that speaks volumes about the band’s potential. Bleak dark atmosphere is incorporated into the songs through melody and skilled songwriting; the band’s use of melody is well-developed and compelling.

Topping it all are some truly scathing high-pitched screams. Imbued with fanatical passion, a piercing delivery, and no small ear for strong rhythmic patterns, they are the perfect accompaniment to the music’s refined mayhem.

By virtue of its quality delivery, Awakening succeeds where others may have floundered. Scitalis’ debut EP is enjoyable and satisfying. Awakening holds great promise for the future, and I look forward to hearing from the band again.

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