Vaiya – Remnant Light (Review)

VaiyaThis is a re-release of the 2014 album from one-man black metal band Vaiya from Australia.

Featuring three songs, each 13 minutes in length, Remnant Light is atmospheric black metal with a bleak demeanour and a grim personality. Continue reading


Fen – Winter (Review)

FenFen are a UK progressive black metal band and this is their fifth album.

Fen combine atmospheric, progressive and post-black metal into their beguiling music. Taking the appropriate elements of each and using them to suit their own purposes, the music on Winter is expansive and full of dark vision. Continue reading

Palace of Worms/Ecferus – Split (Review)

Palace of Worms EcferusThis is a split between Palace of Worms and Ecferus – two US one-man black metal bands.

Both of these bands are ones that I really enjoy, and both have a history of quality releases, (check out The Ladder, Prehistory and Shamaniacal Essence), so when I found out they were sharing a split release, the expectation levels rocketed up. Continue reading

Cioran – Bestiale Battito Divino (Review)

CioranCioran are an Italian blackened punk band. This is their latest release.

Chaos. Ugly, blackened chaos. Underground hardcore punk with more anger and bile than you can shake a stick at. Yes, this is what you should expect from the 25 minutes of mayhem on Bestiale Battito Divino. Continue reading

The Great Old Ones – EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy (Review)

The Great Old OnesThe Great Old Ones are a black metal band from France and this is their third album.

Boasting a larger and more comprehensive production than ever before on their latest release, The Great Old Ones sound as great as their name implies. Bold, grand and aggressively majestic, EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy is an album to explore and be afraid of, for the dark delights it contains are not for unwary travellers. Continue reading