Pyreficativm – संसार का पथ (Review)

PyreficativmPyreficativm is a one man black metal band from Chile and this is his debut album.

Sprawling, dense, and layered, this release contains 76 minutes of explorative occult black metal that will burn your soul with its malevolent energies.

This is occult, ritualistic black metal. It sounds as if every single second of music and sound on संसार का पथ has been accounted for by the artist behind the band, so that each and every section has a specific meaning and purpose. This is music with an exceptional level of focus. It’s obvious that a considerable amount of time and energy has been put into the creation of this album, resulting in a listening experience that’s immersive and compelling.

Confident and assured, the music on this album is not afraid to venture into territories that other bands shrink away from. Little experimental interludes and sojourns, an appreciation of sensitive ambience, numerous creative flourishes, and an exploration of a dark imagination make for music that reveals a mind that’s respectfully cognisant and reverent of black metal’s past, but also unshackled from its restrictions. As such, in some ways संसार का पथ reminds me of the type of work that could have come out of the late 90s as select second wave bands increasingly cast off what came before and boldly ventured into more diverse and experimental waters in search of new experiences and enlightenment. संसार का पथ is a spiritual continuation of that adventurous blackened era, (which, of course, has given us the huge variety of different black metal subgenres and styles that we see today).

Multifaceted and richly adorned with the choicest of dark materials, this is a collection of music that demands to be taken as a whole, in one uninterrupted sitting surrounded by candles and rarefied thoughts. संसार का पथ expertly uses light and dark, and the shading in between, to craft an album of real scope and nuance. Sometimes delicate, sometimes intense, this all occurs within a carefully considered blackened framework that’s expansive and exploratory, while still venerating and worshipping the cold, bleak heart that lies at the core of what black metal is all about.

Intricate and richly delivered with depth, substance, and underground appeal in vast swathes, संसार का पथ is extremely impressive.

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