Hoth – Astral Necromancy (Review)

HothHoth are a melodic black metal band from the US and this is their third album.

Astral Necromancy takes the listener on a 50-minute trip through a cosmic abyss of sorts. An ambitious and vast release, the songs are sparkling and multifaceted as they tear through their playing time.

Hoth’s music is brightly melodic in the style of some of the late 90s black metal bands. With a sharp, cutting sound, these songs slice their way through the airwaves with sleek melodic grace.

With an abundance of molten solos and leads to get lacerated by, the album offers up a ripping, high-octane selection of songs that wield their metallic might well. In addition to their more obvious assets, I really like Hoth’s ability to deliver a hair-raising atmospheric section. Yes, this is a band that clearly know what they’re doing.

The vocals consist of blackened rasps, occasionally augmented by deeper growls. The singer’s performance is a traditional one in many ways, and this fits the music perfectly.

A very colourful exploration of cosmic black metal, Astral Necromancy soars through the blackened void with confidence and an energy all of its own. The songs are well-constructed and really bring you into the band’s blackened universe as you listen to the album.

Very highly recommended.

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