The Human Race Is Filth – Liberate (Review)

The Human Race Is FilthThe Human Race Is Filth are a US grindcore band and this is their second EP.

Here we have 15 minutes of vicious grindcore mixed with sludge, punk, and crust.

Although for the average person this release is likely to be heard as a relentlessly impenetrable wall of noise, for those that are connoisseurs of all things extreme metal, there’s a surprising amount of variety on this short, violent EP. The band throw together their sludge, punk, grindcore, and crust influences with enviable ease, making for tracks that batter and bruise as they tear through their brief duration.

These tracks are raw and nasty, filled to the brim with lacerating riffs and bone-breaking drums. I like that the different influences can be heard emphasised in some sections more than others, meaning the some songs, (or parts of songs), take a more feral grind approach, or maybe energetically toss out d-beats like nobody’s business, or perhaps you like some huge sludgy riffs to swamp yourself in? Whatever your preferences, The Human Race Is Filth seem to have you covered somewhere on this release. Covered in filth. Oh yes.

Vocally the delivery consists of brutal growls and acidic screams. Performed with obvious gusto and maniacal glee, the band’s two singers rip through the music like hungry zombies on a flesh-eating binge.

I like this a lot. I mean, what’s not to like? Barbaric, ugly, aggressive music that’s played with wild abandon and delivered with decent variety and enthusiasm? I can’t wait to hear more in the future.

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