Gateway – Boundless Torture (Review)

GatewayGateway is a one man death/doom band from Belgium and this is his latest EP.

Oh, now this is delightfully nasty stuff. Raw and underground, and reeking of torturous horror, the 23 minutes of music on this EP seems to crawl slowly out of the speakers to drown the listener in pain and malevolence.

Even calling this music seems disingenuous. After all, this isn’t something you’d really stick on for fun. Well, you would if you’re a hardened fan of the extreme metal underground, but not too many are, not when confronted with something as malignant and virulent as this.

These tracks seep with plague and misery. Think of a death/doom or funeral doom band, corrupt them with a blackened disease, break them with weeks of unending, degrading torture, and then flay them alive with acid-drenched knives, and you’ll come close to what Gateway’s music sounds like.

Thick with dark atmosphere and ripe with the promise of pain and suffering, Boundless Torture is nasty and horrible. Yet, it’s also something that fans of the darker side of extreme metal should certainly seek out.

This is blackened death/doom that’s not to be approached without caution. Highly recommended, but only if you have the stomach for it.

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