All My Sins – Zov iz Magle (Review)

All My SinsAll My Sins are a Serbian black metal band and this is their latest release.

After the enjoyable Lunar/Solar from last year, we now have this new EP that gives us one track off an upcoming full length album, and one that’s exclusive to this current short release.

The first track – Zov iz Magle – is a fast-paced second wave-influenced piece of music that uses melody well across its playing time. The sharp distortion and even sharper leads work with a strong recording to precisely and emotively convey the mood and feelings that it desires to. The song carries atmosphere well, especially during the second half of the track when the epic/folk-tinged cleans appear. Overall this is a well-written and enjoyable song, and I have to say that it strongly bodes well for the band’s upcoming album.

The second track – Sa Dna– has a different character to that of Zov iz Magle, but is no less enjoyable or effective because of it. Sa Dna is doomier and depressive in nature, although not necessarily depresssive in style, if you get what I mean. Restrained and emotive, this is a black metal track with a Gothic doom metal influence, and it works extremely well. The delivery of the clean singing is particularly strong, and the entire track is a very satisfying listen. If this is the kind of song that All My Sins can afford to leave off their full album, once again it bodes well for the quality of this future release.

Zov iz Magle ably demonstrates the talent and ability that All My Sins obviously have. Expressive and effective, I look forward to hearing more from them in the future.

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