Clawing – Spectral Estate (Review)

ClawingThis is the debut album from US drone/noise band Clawing.

This is a harrowing, uncomfortable trip into dark ambient, drone, noise, and doom waters. Apparently this is a concept album about night terrors, child abuse, and haunted houses. No, this is not a light and friendly listen.

This is the sound of a nightmare swallowing a drone band. The tracks on this release unfold with a malevolence that’s terrifying and a bold insidiousness that’s more infectious than you realise until it’s too late and the damage is done. The horrorscapes that are crafted on Spectral Estate are extremely effective, showing a good grasp of structure that belies its seemingly free-form creation. I suspect, of course, that a lot of thought has actually gone into the crafting of these tracks.

Pulsing with a dark, almost insectile life, and spreading with a malignant energy drawn from the snuffing out of hopes and dreams, Spectral Estate is a journey into twisted, warped soundscapes and is not something that should be approached without caution.

I’m not a huge fan of this kind of music normally; it has to be done really, really well for me to like it, which is why I’ve only ever reviewed a handful of noise bands/releases on this site over the years. This album definitely makes the cut, as it’s all about dark mood and grim atmosphere. You don’t have to be a noise connoisseur to appreciate the music that’s been crafted on this release.

Play this just before bedtime, and you’re sure to have the most vivid nightmares.

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