Neverending Winter – Сеногной (Review)

Neverending WinterNeverending Winter are a Russian black metal band and this is their latest EP.

After very much enjoying last year’s Хиус, it’s with great pleasure that I listened to Сеногной.

The textured atmosphere and icy aggression that I enjoyed so much on Хиус finds abundant room for expression on Сеногной. In fact, if anything, the harsher parts on Сеногной are even harsher, and the singer’s scathing screams are more acidic and savage than ever.

At the band’s core there’s a familiar strain of cold, frozen black metal, but around this they add in other influences. As with the band’s previous release, Сеногной is an atypical take on black metal, one that features elements of folk, punk, and progressive metal. Although these latter elements are less pronounced on Сеногной than they were on Хиус, they’re still here though, they just manifest in different ways.

The music is well-written and very compelling. The band clearly have a knack for composing engaging underground black metal that’s easy to listen to and like, while also giving it its own personality and nuance.  This makes for music that’s a real blackened treat, rich in substance and replete with a vibrant power all of its own.

There’s only about 15 minutes or so of material on this EP, but Neverending Winter deal in quality rather than quantity.

Very enjoyable indeed.

Find out more here.

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