As Paradise Falls – Digital Ritual (Review)

As Paradise FallsAs Paradise Falls are an Australian metal band and this is their debut album.

If heavy, modern music is your thing, then you’d better take the time to check out As Paradise Falls.

For the most part this is on the heavier, harsher side of the modern metal spectrum, and takes in a fair few different influences across the tracks, including metal, metalcore, hardcore, djent, and even a touch of deathcore. This means that we get a diverse display of modern metal, taking in everything from soaring metalcore clean sections, to brutal hardcore breakdowns, to atmospheric keyboard-enhanced sections, to djent belligerence.

It may sound quite a mix of styles, but for me, it all works very well and the album is a very enjoyable one. Besides, each of these sub-genres shares enough commonalities to flow together quite nicely.

The clean singing sections are well-arranged and quite emotive, while the heavier sections are mostly done without resorting to generic breakdowns or tired riffs. This is a band that largely sound energetic and vibrant, hungry to find their place in the world and skilled enough to make of their time in the sun what they want of it.

There are a lot of very tasty riffs and good ideas peppered around this release too, and one of the things I really, really like about As Paradise Falls is how they’re taking a relatively tired type of music and injecting it with fresh vitality and life. I’m sure some will disagree, but in my opinion Digital Ritual takes the best aspects of the more shiny and accessible metal styles and wields them like newly-forged weapons; sharp, well-crafted, and ready to do some serious damage.

I really enjoyed this, as the band are operating in such a way that they seem to have found the secret to combining brutality and accessibility so that they do both extremely well. Seamlessly moving from crushing heaviness with deeply aggressive vocals, to atmospheric and melodic parts with well-performed clean singing, they pull this off remarkably well, avoiding many of the traps that a lot of metalcore, (or similar), bands usually fall into.

This has made a very strong impression on me. I heartily recommend that you check this out as soon as you can.

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