Unclean One – I, Tyrant (Review)

Unclean OneUnclean One is a one-man grindcore outfit from Sweden and this is his debut release.

Now here’s something short, barbed, and nasty for you. There’s less than two minutes of material compressed into these four tracks, but what this short release lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality.

Brutal, ugly music like this should be enjoyed at full volume. The brief tracks are fast and deadly, featuring the kind of truncated aggression that manages to somehow pack in a lot of detail despite how little time there is to play with.

Belligerently snarled vocals rage out from brutal, blunt music that is surprisingly effective considering how little of it there is. I keep coming back to this fact, as I, Tyrant really is a triumph of quality over quantity. I just hope that the next release from Unclean One keeps up the quality levels, but also gives us more material.

With the longest track here being a mere 30 seconds long, there’s precious little to get your teeth into before the heavy aggression of the songs disappears as soon as they’ve landed. This is a release to whet the appetite though, and it does this remarkably well. I can’t wait to hear more from this project!

Well, this is a highly impressive start to things for Unclean One. Great things are promised by this absorbing taster release.

Very highly recommended for all grindheads.

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