Set Before Us – Enigmas (Review)

Set Before UsThis is the second EP by Swedish metalcore band Set Before Us.

Boasting a nice, solid sound, Set Before Us burst out of the speakers with passion, aggression, and melody. They make a good impression.

Passion, aggression, and melody pretty much sum this release up in many ways. The music is upbeat and energetic metalcore, with plenty of heavy breakdowns and ubiquitous melodic leads. It’s infectious and quite enjoyable.

This kind of music is designed firmly with the live environment in mind, and the songs tear it up with enthusiasm. I do like, however, the added layer of depth that the music has, which means that there’s more longevity to the band than some of their more on-dimensional peers. A lot of this comes from the melodic leads that they employ to sit atop the rest of the music as the drums and heavy riffs focus on belligerently ripping things up.

Credit should also go to the vocals, which are varied and emotive. Growls, shouts, screams, semi-cleans, and cleans are all thrown into the mix at various points throughout. Performance levels are high, and, once again, I can see it all going down very well live.

Much like Swedish death metal in many ways, this is a style that’s been done to death, of course, so your tolerance for it will depend on how much you get out of the core style. Unlike Swedish death metal, (which I seem to have an endless hunger for), my melodic metalcore tolerance is a lot lower, which is why I feel confident in recommending Set Before Us, as the songs are, quite simply, very enjoyable examples of the style. They’re well-written, well-recorded, well-performed, and well-delivered in general. What more could you want for this type of thing?

A recommended listen for fans of heavy, passionate, melodic modern music.

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